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Internet Marketing Assets

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Though I’m planning on sticking to my new job for the long haul, I still plan on retiring early for me to have ample time cross off items on my bucket list. To do this, I must have other income sources other than what I earn through my job. As of the moment, I’m currently invested in a mutual fund, and I have Internet marketing assets in my possession that may earn me a decent amount of passive income. But also as of the moment, my current Internet marketing assets aren’t working for me, and I haven’t realized the return-of-investment or ROI yet.

One reason why I think Internet marketing isn’t working for me is that I lack the resources. As I said in yesterday’s Note, I have a plan in place, but I don’t have the money to execute that plan. For example, I want an awesome infographic for my authority website, but the problem is I don’t have enough money to hire infographic designers.

But nevertheless, despite my current situation, I’m still planning to expand my Internet marketing assets. Currently, my assets are my authority website, a niche site, the domain for my second niche site, and this blog. I want to expand my assets by including a YouTube channel and promoting CPA offers through a CPA network.

Why a YouTube channel? I was inspired by daily vloggers like MarzBar and YouTube filmmakers like Devin Graham to go and create videos. Believe it or not, I’m a creator. I love to create things and watch them grow. From writing to making and maintaining websites, I practice creationism almost every day. I believe making visual stuff like movies or vlogs is a way to up my creator game. Though I’m not planning to be a daily vlogger, I do plan to vlog occasionally when something interesting comes up, especially when I travel. Also, I plan to make Devin Graham-like YouTube films on the beautiful views and experiences I encountered in my travels. The vlogging part is just a behind-the-scenes supplement to the full-blown YouTube film.

CPA marketing is a niche that has a lot of untapped potentials. We are in the age of ad-blockers and CPC and CPM ads are now reaching their twilight days. The CPA or cost-per-install industry, however, is just plateauing in the maturity stage. With just a few targeted social shares here and there and scaling it up a notch, you can earn a decent amount of passive income. I’m currently signed up for a CPA network called CPA Lead, but I’m not seriously promoting their offers just yet.

These soon-to-be assets are still piled up in my backlog of things to do but for now, I must focus on finishing my authority site and my first niche site. Moreover, I also need to develop my second niche site after I upgrade my hosting plan. And before I forget, I also need to revive this blog to reach its full potential.

With too many things to do, I must follow my focus mantra and spend 50% of my attention, energy, and time (with the other 50% on doing my job responsibilities at Abenson) on finishing my authority site. But I may still allot an hour or two everyday tweaking my first authority site and posting a Note in this blog.